Develop Dental is a registered Non-Profit Organisation determined to eradicate oral diseases and reduce the prevalence of dental decay by increasing the awareness of Oral Health among children, youth and their families. We focus on empowering children and youth in under-resourced communities to make healthier choices concentrating on nutrition, health education and personal development.

Dental decay remains the most common chronic disease world-wide. Develop Dental was established in 2017 to reduce the ever increasing rate of dental decay that has reached epidemic levels in South Africa.

Successful outreach and awareness programmes have established our dedicated footprint that will take us far and wide into the communities of South Africa, helping to increase oral health knowledge and education, as well as nutrition. Under-resourced communities have benefited immensely from the oral health campaigns rolled out to schools and centres. Together with our partners, we have begun turning the wheel of change where oral awareness is concerned.

Our organisation has also started a bursary program where aspiring Dentists and Oral Hygienists in under-resourced communities, have the opportunity to further their studies and give back to their community.

The establishment of Develop Dental a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) aligns itself with the ethos of “helping a child forges a great nation.”

A future where empowered children, youth and their communities will make healthier choices by placing a high priority on nutrition and oral health.

We believe all children and youth should have opportunities for good oral health, especially those that cannot get dental care in their own communities. We focus on increasing access to oral health care by expanding the reach of the dental team, making it easier for children and under-resourced communities to obtain quality dental care which results in a better quality of life.